Under investigation?

During federal and state investigations, Penny
Legal helps companies and
their employees harness
strength from the facts.

What Penny Legal Does for You

Investigation Defense

Avoid testimony pitfalls; get experienced investigation defense.
  • Atomic Energy Act violations
  • False statements or perjury
  • Public corruption
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Environmental crimes

Witness Preparation

Get proactive help on testifying effectively.
  • NRC/OI Investigations: all regions
  • Federal grand jury
  • Inspector General probes
  • State grand jury
  • Office of Attorney General investigations

Confidential Investigations

Get prompt workplace investigations into hotline complaints or anonymous reports.
  • Employee Concerns Program investigations and reports
  • Ethical shortfalls or code-of-conduct violations
  • Employee fraud allegations
  • Retaliation or intimidation claims
Penny Legal defends companies and their employees undergoing federal or state investigations.

How Penny Legal Helps

Penny Legal represents utilities, corporations, government workers,
and individual employees suspected of wrongdoing. Together, we will locate the facts
and documents you need to defend your actions or solve your legal problems.

Penny Legal defends companies and their employees undergoing federal or state investigations.

Penny Legal's Strengths


35 years of legal experience with NRC investigations, enforcement actions, state and federal grand juries and related litigation.

Extensive experience helping companies and individuals respond to investigative subpoenas, and preparing key employees for testimony before a grand jury or at trial.

Skilled at conducting independent corporate investigations or responding to government requests for information.

In-depth knowledge of highly-regulated industry practices and procedures.


Solid track record of successful outcomes for nuclear plant workers and security force members at power plants throughout the country.

Effective representation of corporate management during NRC and federal and state grand jury investigations.

Successful Alternative Dispute Resolution of NRC enforcement actions.

Proven ability to organize technically complex, large document production cases, and represent clients during intense depositions or high-pressure investigations, including Department of Justice probes.


Dedicated to making your concerns paramount and keeping your good reputation intact.


My firm's practice is fueled largely by referrals from corporate general counsel and skilled practitioners who trust my ability to focus on high-stakes legal problems.

Attorney Jane Penny